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Wrist Bracing

Aircast StabilAir Wrist Orthosis

A lightweight, water resistant brace designed for the treatment of post-operative distal radius fractures. Engineered with dual, ventilated shells the StabilAir provides a lightweight, alternative solution for short-arm casting. Two innovative new aircells are integrated into the shells to enable a customized fit. The aircells are integrated into the dorsal shell for support and comfort: one over the distal radius, and another inside the perimeter of the dorsal shell. The perimeter aircell is inflated using the specialized Hand Bulb with Pressure Gauge. Moisture wicking material lines the volar pad to further improve comfort and promote breathability. Easy to use, the StabilAir can be applied quickly and easily in the office, hospital, or clinic. The brace is radiolucent and is available in two sizes to fit most adults.

  • Flexible dorsal shell with integrated adjustable aircells conform to arm for a custom fit
  • Rigid volar shell with contoured pad protects and stabilizes
  • Lightweight, ventilated design enhances comfort
  • Volar shell is angled to promote full finger dexterity

Aircast A2 Wrist Brace

Available with or without Thumb Spica

Designed to provide support for wrist injuries (ligament instability, sprain or muscle strain), carpal tunnel syndrome, post-operative use, and post-removal of casting or splint. Dual removable stabilizers above and below the hand help control wrist movement while allowing full finger dexterity. Adjustable straps allow for a personalized fit while the contoured shape and cool, dry, breathable material ensures comfort.

  • Dual stabilizers restrict wrist movement while permitting full finger function
  • Adjustable straps and three sizes ensure personalized fit
  • Contoured shape and breathable fabric promote comfort
  • Available with Thumb Spica to hold thumb securely in place