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Continuous Passive Motion (CPM)

Your doctor has ordered a continuous passive motion machine (CPM) from R&M Rehab. The CPM keeps your limb moving and helps with your rehabilitation. The passive range of motion changes the position of your limb at your joint. It helps the healing of damaged tissue and improves recovery time. CPM can also help overcome joint stiffness and pain. CPM use is preferable to immobilization, ”rest”, or periodic motion.

An R&M representative will fit you, show you how to use the equipment, and set the CPM to your doctor’s orders.

How CPM Works

The CPM device is designed to move your injured limb and joint for you over an extended period of time. The CPM device has a motor built into it to move your limb by yourself. CPM is an important component of your rehabilitation program.

Pain Reduction

Stiffness and swelling contribute to pain, which occurs after injury or surgery. This pain makes joint movement difficult. CPM provides a “pumping action” which helps to reduce swelling. You may feel a stretching of tissue the first few times you use the CPM. This stretching sensation will decrease within a few minutes. Use of the CPM provides a constant, slow motion that helps reduce pain, and soothe the joint.

Using the CPM

Your schedule for using the CPM machine varies depending upon your physician’s order. Your R&M Rehab representative will discuss your schedule with you when your machine is delivered to your home. If you are using a knee CPM, it is best to place is on a bed or couch. Shoulder and elbow machines will come with a chair.

Insurance Information

The R&M Rehab customer service department may contact you prior to surgery if information other then what your physician provides regarding your health insurance is needed. The information we gather from you will assist in securing payment from your insurance company.

The R&M Rehab staff will answer any questions you may have, review your insurance benefits and make you aware of your out-of-pocket responsibility (if any). It is important that you also contact your insurance company to confirm your benefits for CPM.

Although R&M Rehab works with your insurance company to secure payment, you are ultimately responsible for your bill. As an added convenience, R&M Rehab does accept Mastercard and Visa.

Cold Therapy

Another item your doctor may recommend and prescribe is a continuous, controlled Cold Therapy Machine. Cold Therapy is a proven treatment to reduce pain and swelling after surgery, an injury, before and after physical therapy sessions, and for sprains and strains following athletic activity.

Benefits of a Cold Therapy Machine are:

  • Reduces swelling
  • Increases comfort
  • Reduces the need for pain medication
  • Assists in the healing of affected joints and tissues
  • Provides a controlled temperature
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