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Elbow Bracing

DonJoy IROM Elbow

The IROM Elbow is ideal for fixed or controlled ROM in the treatment of stable supracondylar fractures, stable radial fractures, and lateral/medial epicondylitis.

  • 10° incremental settings
  • Allows for controlled flexion/extension
  • Low cost alternative to serial casting
  • Washable liners
  • Integrated straps for full circumferential compression
  • Allows for supination and pronation of forearm and wrist

DeRoyal DeRom Dynamic Elbow Splint

Dynamic splinting utilizes the method or modality of low load prolonged stretching (LLPS). This involves applying a low amount of force to the affected joint for a prolonged period of time with little or no discomfort to the patient. The result is a permanent stretch of the soft tissue and permanent restoration of the joint's ROM.

  • Flexion and extension assist in a single unit (wrist, elbow, knee)
  • Universal right/left to reduce inventory needs (wrist, knee, ankle)
  • Easy to set and release tension with integrated adjustment tool and tension release lever
  • Malleable Wire-foam or Vel-foam cuffs for a customized fit
  • Tension Limited Control (TLC) knob prohibits excessive force
  • Range of motion stops for static progressive splinting (wrist, elbow)
  • Available in two sizes: C-Bicep Circ. 9"-12", D-Bicep Circ. 12" =+

Bledsoe Extender Arm Brace

  • Adjustable formable aluminum plates.
  • Fits virtually any arm circumference.
  • Once fitted, brace can be removed in one piece.
  • Reapplied by the patient with one hand.
  • Open, light weight design for patient comfort.